Home Owners

Whether you are a homeowner, landlord or investor we know that you want to be well informed and confident in your investment. 

Selling your property?

We can help you feel more confident and informed about the property you are selling. A pre-sale property inspection can give you a valuable opportunity to understand the condition of your property so you can present it in its best light.

Do you simply want peace of mind?

We can perform an EQ Repairs inspection to help you establish whether repairs have been done to an acceptable standard; this can be combined with a Floor Levels Assessment if required, and findings presented in a report to suit your needs.

We can simply visit you at your property and perform a verbal inspection, where you can discuss any areas of concern or maintenance with our inspector.

Conversely we can perform a standard or detailed inspection accompanied with a report, which will provide you with an overview of the key aspects of your home. Both of these options meet the NZ standard for pre-purchase inspections and are accompanied with a certificate of inspection.

Are you a landlord or investor?

As a business person you will recognise that the true cost of your investment is viewed across the lifecycle of your ownership. The key to minimizing costs over time is targetted maintenance.

Our Detailed Inspection provides you with an assessment on your property and furnishes you with a list of key maintenance recommendations, to help you maintain the quality and integrity of your investment while minimizing costly unexpected repairs.

Contact us for a tailor-made package that suits your needs.