Property Inspections

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For a more detailed overview of your chosen property. Our detailed report also includes current and future maintenance recommendations along with a drainage flow test.

  • All of the Standard Inspection plus:
  • Notation of condition /maintenance issues found
  • Floor coverings
  • Drainage flow testing
  • Photos
  • Maintenance recommendations (current and future)
  • Certificate of inspection in accordance with NZS4306: 2005
  • Detailed inspection report on all of the above
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To help you establish whether EQ works have been done to an acceptable standard.

  • Review of any Scope of Works documentation
  • EQ repairs visual assessment
  • Photos and documenting of any defects noted
  • Moisture tests or floor level checks as required
  • Assessment report on the above
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Do you simply need to know if your house is level? Using professional levelling equipment we can create a representative floor plan noting different levels in the rooms throughout your dwelling, and present this in a report to suit your needs. Conversely we can simply visit your dwelling and give you a verbal, on the spot, assessment. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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We can arrange a variety of specialist investigations and reports to assist you, including weathertightness/leaky building investigations, non-consented building work assessments (to assist with Certificate of Acceptance applications), and building defects assessments. Please contact our office to discuss your needs.

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Would you like to have an inspection professional accompany you, on your search to find the right property? Now you can.

You can choose how many open homes/properties you wish to view, and how long you wish to spend at each property. This is an ideal way to narrow down your choices before committing to a pre-purchase inspection. We can even hold a pre-viewing meeting to discuss the right property types to suit your needs. You decide what’s right for you.

  • Flexible to allow for changes during the day
  • As many houses/open homes as you like
  • Advice and recommendations as well as inspection
  • Overview or more in depth inspection at your request, changeable to suit you
  • Includes moisture tests, floor level checks etc. as requested